Walnuts in liquid form, shaking hands with the American ambassador and probably the coolest outlook in Berlin - Travel Report on the Californian walnut harvest Part 1

Here I am again! After two weeks in California with all the exciting, beautiful, funny and crazy impressions and two subsequent stressful weeks in the office, I finally have time to take a look at my photos and reminisce.

All in all it was very quiet here in the last 4 weeks - but I made good use of the break to collect plenty of California material, to reflect on the wonderful journey, to clear my head and to report back to me with lots of exciting stuff.

Due to the flood of photoflut and the many impressions, I'm going to chop my travelogues - with Instagram and Twitter, you might already have noticed, here I am collecting my material and sharing in the unique experience of the Californian walnut harvest.

It does not start in California, but in Berlin ...
How this came about and where this really unique group photo was made of us, can you read it now.

As a special surprise before our joint press trip, Zorra, Sandra, Simone, and I were in the American Embassy at the Brandenburg Gate for a 'Walnut Reception at American Ambassador John B. Emerson.'/b> invited. If you have a sudden official invitation from the ambassador in your inbox, you'll be astonished ...

Ambassador and Fantastic Background Group Image

And so we were allowed to do after we dropped our phones and cameras and had us a security check, enter the quadriga room. This is where important conferences take place and this is also where US President Barack Obama meets when he visits Berlin. This room is adjoined by a roof terrace with a wonderful view: you are standing at the height of the Brandenburg Gate and can almost walk over. In addition you can see the Reichstag dome and have a wonderful view of the Tiergarten. That was a really unique opportunity and you will not see that prospect again soon.

The Quadriga Room at the US Embassy in Berlin

Javier de las Muelas From Barcelona, ​​one of the best known and best mixologists and bartenders in the world, Walnut has grown to develop different cocktails and mocktails. He is known for his creative ideas and his bar " Dry Martini " in Barcelona is one of the 50 best bars in the world. On the occasion of the "Bar Convent Berlin" he was in the city and presented his creations to a selection of journalists, sales representatives and embassy staff.

Together we could try the basics from which his cocktails are mixed. In order to get the walnut into a liquid form, he has used various methods and developed a series of basics on which to build up the drinks later. In addition to making walnut butter (such as peanut butter, slightly salty), walnut milk (making almond milk), walnut syrup, walnut liqueur, and walnut bitters, there was also a rather sweet walnut puree made from roasted walnuts and a walnut sugar.A bilingual PDF (English/Spanish) with all the recipes and more information you can download here: California Walnuts Cocktail Collection.

The Mocktail" Lost in California "

I personally have the Mocktails on tasted best, including the "Lost in California" pictured above. From the recipe basics you can certainly create wonderful other recipes with walnuts, so take a look at the above linked brochure. But this was just the beginning of a very great and extraordinary journey. There will be more in the blog soon!

Four of us talking to Kelly Stange from the Agricultural Counseling Council

The photos we used all come from the US Embassy in Berlin, which they kindly ask us for use, because we were not allowed to take electronic devices with us and could not take any photos. The complete Flickr photo stream can be found here: California Walnuts Cocktail Collection Reception.
My sincere thanks for this unique experience and the nice invitation goes to the US Embassy in Berlin, the American Ambassador John B. Emerson, the team of Fleishman -Hillard Germany GmbH and the California Walnut Commission.