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Come in, walk in and welcome to the Foodblogger Easter Brunch 2018! In the past few weeks I have been traveling a lot and by the way prepared this week. It is urgent time for a blog event and after our great Christmas week now follows: the Easter week! Every day for 7 days you will receive a new recipe for Easter brunch. Today we start with a glass eggnog or directly one of my favorite drinks from homemade eggnog with passion fruit juice. Delicious!

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The Foodblogger Easter Brunch 2018

Drinks is the first theme of this year's Foodblogger Easter Brunch Week. And of course I'm not alone. A total of 7 bloggers provide you with 7 different recipes each day on a topic, so that at the end of the week you have no less than 49 recipe ideas that you can all comfortably implement until Easter. Every day I link you to the recipes of my colleagues Nadine von Möhreneck (who is also responsible for the wonderful graphic implementation), Steph of Small curio shop, Marsha of A pinch of delicious, Janke of Jankes * Soulfood, Simone of S-kitchen and Jeanette by Cuisine Violette.

And this is what our week looks like in aisles:

Monday: Drinks
Tuesday: Bread & Roll
Wednesday: spread
Thursday: surprise recipe
Friday: dessert
Saturday: cake & Pies
Sunday: Gift from the Kitchen

I'll link you to my recipes in the list, so you can easily switch between the recipes back and forth can jump. I'm really excited about my dishes now and hope you enjoy them too!

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Recipe for homemade eggnog (with and without Thermomix) | Foodblogger-Easterbrunch |

Homemade eggnog

I started - as a small introduction to the Easter week - with a homemade eggnog. Actually I have never done it, but (thanks to Thermomix!) It's very easy. And even without a food processor you get that. That's why I'm writing down both preparation methods, with and without Thermomix.

And because you can not stand on one leg, there's the recipe suggestion for the self-made eggnog: Eggnog and passion fruit cocktail! Sounds weird, but it tastes incredibly great after summer, fruit ice lollies and exoticism. My dear boys have been verblogging the Eggnog Summer Splash some time ago and I have been drinking it incredibly since then. And homemade is of course something else!

Eggnog can be prepared with white rum as well as with vodka, Doppelkorn or even Likör43. I chose a Brugal Blanco Supremo Rum *. The basis should not be too cheap, but not too high quality and with too strong a taste. The main taste comes from the really very fresh organic eggs and the marrow of a bourbon vanilla bean *.You can also see it directly on my dessert recipe on Friday.

Recipe for homemade eggnog (with and without Thermomix) | Foodblogger -Osterbrunch |

Foodblogger-Easterbrunch | Drinks | Eggnog and eggnog-passion fruit cocktail

Thermomix Egg Liqueur


    150 g sugar
  • 5 very fresh organic egg yolks (size M)
  • 250 g cream
  • 175 g white rum
  • 1 vanilla pod



Z Put in the mixing pot and chop 10 sec./level 10. Slide down.


Add yolk, cream, white rum and vanilla seeds and mix for 10 seconds/step 5. Stir for 15 minutes/70 ° C/step 3.


Immediately in fill a hot rinsed bottle and allow to cool. Store in refrigerator and consume within 2 weeks.


The amount is sufficient for about 500 ml. If the liquid clots because of too much heat, simply mix for 20 minutes without temperature on level 3, until the mass has cooled down and has reconnected.

eggnog without Thermomix

for about 500 ml


150 g icing sugar
1 vanilla pod marke
5 very fresh organic egg yolks (size M)
250 g cream and 175 g white rum


Whisk the icing sugar, vanilla and egg yolks over the warm (never boiling) water bath for about 10 minutes until creamy. Add cream and mix for 2 more minutes until well combined. Do not stir too long, so that the cream does not flocculate and the mass coagulates. Finally, add the rum and whisk it creamy for a short time.
Fill in a hot rinsed bottle and store in the refrigerator after cooling down. Consume within 2 weeks.

Recipe for homemade eggnog (with and without Thermomix) | Foodblogger-Easterbrunch |

eggnog passion fruit cocktail

for 1 lemon drink glass


Ice cubes or crushed ice
4 cl eggnog
8 cl passion fruit juice


Fill the glass with ice. First add the eggnog, then the passion fruit juice.When buying this link, I get a small commission, but of course you do not incur higher costs. It is only a personal recommendation and products that I use myself in my kitchen. Further information on the affiliate program can be found in the Impresssum.