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And there we are already. The last post of our colorful Easter week. The Foodblogger Easter Brunch ends today after seven days with the category gifts from the kitchen . It was nice! Today, Cuisine Violette, Jankes * Soulfood, Möhreneck, A pinch of delicious, S-kitchen, Small curio shop and I have presented you with as many as 49 recipes in a week. Now you are spoiled for choice and hopefully find something suitable for your Easter, the next brunch or a Sunday breakfast. But before we say goodbye to the week, of course, the grand finale follows. For me it's a white chocolate salami !

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Gifts from the Kitchen | White chocolate salami with dried fruit and nuts

Recipe for white chocolate salami | Kitchen gifts | Foodblogger-Easterbrunch |

White chocolate salami with dried fruit and nuts

Maybe you know chocolate salami in the dark version with biscuits. It then reminds of a cold dog (or depending on the region also: cold snout) or biscuit cake. In fact, I rather connect with Christmas and have wished for Easter a more fruity and beautiful alternative. So now there is a white chocolate salami made from good white chocolate, filled with dried fruits and nuts. I know, I know, not everyone likes dried fruit. But especially cranberries and sour cherries provide a great contrast and bring a fresh-sour taste to the chocolate. Dried apricots, pineapple or ginger can also provide a change. Puffed rice, pistachios and blanched almonds provide crunch and splashes of color. And a couple of butter biscuits add some biscuit to the mixture.

Recipe for White Chocolate Salami | Kitchen Gifts | Foodblogger-Easterbrunch |

Good Ingredients = Good Taste

The preparation is really super simple and the taste stands and falls with the ingredients. I actually use only fair or direct trade chocolates from the organic supermarket here. One of my favorites is the Vivani White Chocolate Vanilla *, which is certified organic, free of soy lecithin and made without child labor. Even a crisp chocolate fits perfectly. The other ingredients such as the unsweetened puffed whole grain rice from Italy *, the dried cranberries * or the blanched almonds * I buy in organic quality, preferably unsulphured and without added sugar. And that's what you actually taste in the finished chocolate salami! Understand the individual ingredients as examples and experiment with your own favorite ingredients as a filling for the chocolate. Why not gummi bears, hazelnut kernels or caramel sweets?refrigerate.


Prepare a large piece of baking paper, place the chocolate mixture in the middle and spread it out lengthwise. Use the paper to form a thick roll and twirl the ends like a candy.


Let it rest in the fridge overnight. Before serving, sprinkle with icing sugar and wrap with bakery yarn. Give away in cellophane wrap or sandwich paper. Slice and serve at room temperature.

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Foodblogger-Easterbrunch | Gifts from the kitchen | White chocolate salami

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White Chocolate Oladen salami is the perfect gift idea for Easter! Culinary gifts from the kitchen are great for the Easter buffet | Chocolate salami with white chocolate, fruits and nuts | #schokosalami #foods #ostern #osterbrunch

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