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And now we're writing Day 3 of the big Foodblogger Easter Brunch Week! After a drink and rolls, something super important follows today: The spread! No brunch or buffet without spread. Sometimes a bit of good butter is enough on a still warm bread or rolls, but sometimes it may be a bit more decadent and opulent. Or you reach for the good old jam. And so today, I also have a delicious carrot and orange jam . Haddu Carrots?

Foodblogger Easter Brunch | Spreads | Delicious Carrot Orange Jam Preservation |

Carrot and Orange Jam

After the winter has been so tough and long this year, it will be time for something fresh and fruity at Easter time. And what fits better than a bright orange jam? On the one hand sweet, but on the other hand also sourish? And really incredibly simple to prepare! All you need for this recipe is exactly the same amount of freshly grated carrots, filleted oranges, freshly squeezed orange juice and jelly sugar 3: 1 or 2: 1, depending on how sweet you like it. The result is a wonderful spring-fresh carrot and orange jam. Slightly chunky, fruity-sweet, but also fine-dry and slightly acidic.

The jam is not only great with yesterday's quick quark rolls, but also with fresh, crispy Sunday rolls, a Hefezopf, raisin mares or rustic brown bread. Hach, I'll be back in the womb and sit mentally at the covered Easter table.

Foodblogger-Easterbrunch | Spreads | Recipe for delicious carrots -Orangen Jam |

Good jam made with good ingredients

I buy my oranges directly from the producer in Mallorca. Freshly picked, they are shipped immediately, are untreated and natural and every piece tastes of Mallorcan spring sun! I recommend to use high quality ingredients that are as organic as possible. The very young carrots are also from organic farming and taste very tender and sweet. No comparison with huge industrial tubes! Gelierzucker * is now available in organic quality and without unnecessary additives such as palm oil!

The boys cook and bake: The jam cookbook

And then there's another tip ! My dear friends of The boys cook and bake have just published a book about jam & spreads themselves! On Saturday I was invited to the book party and feasted once across the book. I could not decide, because everything was so delicious and I want to recommend the book because of this very much: Sascha & Torsten Wett - The jam cookbook *

Now there is but first the recipe for my carrot and orange jam and then the recipes of the other bloggers from our round. Have fun copying!

Foodblogger-Easter-Brunch | Spreads | Recipe for delicious carrots-orange-jam |

Foodblogger-Easterbrunch | Spread | Carrot and orange marmalade

Carrot Orange Jam


  • 200 g carrots (peeled and cleaned weighed)
  • approx.Fillet about half of the oranges, weighing 200 g of orange fillets. Peel the peel of 2 oranges very finely and squeeze out any remaining oranges. 200 g of orange juice.

Put all the ingredients together in a saucepan, bring to the boil while stirring and boil for about 3-4 minutes, depending on the packing instructions for the gelling sugar.


Still hot pour into glasses, then allow to cool.


Best kept in the refrigerator and use within a few weeks.

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Foodblogger Easter brunch | Spreads | Delicious carrots and orange jam recipe |

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Foodblogger-Easterbrunch | Spread | Carrot and orange marmalade

Foodblogger Easter Brunch - all recipes easy to download!

Nadine was busy again for us: You can now download all 49 recipes from the Foodblogger Easter Brunch Week free of charge and for private use as PDF!

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Recipe for delicious carrots and orange jam. The jam is the perfect eye-catcher at the Easter breakfast or Easter brunch and is a perfect gift from the kitchen at Easter! All you need is 3 ingredients! | #ostern # easterbreakfast #osterbrunch #gifties #marmalade # jam

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