Hearty French toast muffins from Brioche Francaise, with Tyrolean mountain cheese and onion confit

Easter is traditionally a celebration where the whole family comes together. We usually meet for late breakfast or brunch. Then we sit around a festive table and everyone brings a delicious treat for the whole family. We drink coffee and juice or even a glass of champagne. And we lick our fingers for all the sweet and savory treats that stand on the lush table.

I do not want to say that we always outdo each other must (a bit maybe), but of course everyone wants to contribute something especially delicious. And so surprise the family again and again. Except for a few celebrities at the family gathering like the Apple Crisp my grandmother or the Coffee Cake my aunt, there is always something different and new to try.

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Hearty French Toast Muffins for Easter Brunch!

My latest idea with products from REWE Fine World fits in perfectly with my family's American roots and is something quite surprising! A hearty French toast of fine-buttery REWE Fine World Brioche Francaise! Baked in muffin cases with spicy REWE Fine World Tiroler Bergkäse . And served with the wonderfully sweet and spicy REWE Fine World onion confit !

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Just the onion confit has convinced me so much that I always have a glass of it in the cupboard since I bought it for the first time. And I really like standing in my REWE supermarket in front of the shelf with the Fine World products and see what's new. The onion confit is made from red onions with little sugar and no additional gelling agent. A little garlic provides spice, Italian balsamic and Austrian red wine vinegar bring a slight acidity into play. Also: No artificially added flavors, no flavor enhancers. It tastes great and goes well with burgers or just a good cheese.

REWE Fine World - not just a treat for Easter!

Especially the REWE Fine World Vintage Cheddar and the Tiroler Bergkäse are really good for me. A piece of cheese at room temperature, a spoon onion confit - the fantastic conclusion of a dinner! REWE Feine Welt stands for high-quality products in special quality. The mountain cheese made from Tyrolean hay milk matures, for example, for 9 months in the Felsenkeller in Austria and bears the seal for the protected designation of origin. Without much effort you can conjure up wonderful moments of pleasure on festive occasions like Easter.

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For the hearty French Toast Muffins, I cut the Brioche Francaise into big cubes, soak them in with REWE Fine World Fleur de Sel spiced egg milk with grated Tiroler Bergkäse and bake it in a muffin tin. The french toast muffins are served with a dollop of onion confit . Super fast prepared and perfect for the Easter brunch with the family! I wish you a lot of fun trying and imitating and happy Easter holidays with your loved ones.Preheat the oven to 180 ° C top and bottom heat.


The Eggs Place in a large mixing bowl, season with fleur de sel, pepper and nutmeg and stir frothy with a large whisk. Stir in milk and cream thoroughly. Finally add the grated mountain cheese.


Cut the Brioche Francaise into thick slices and then into 2 cm cubes. Add the brioche cubes to the egg and milk mixture, fold in gently and allow to infuse for a few minutes until the pieces of bread have absorbed the liquid well.


Now place the soaked brioche cubes in the prepared pans in the muffin tin and press well. Pour over the remaining liquid and sprinkle over any remaining cheese from the bowl.


Bake the savory french toast muffins in a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. They go on baking clearly and then sink back together a bit. After baking, let cool for 5-10 minutes. Only then carefully remove from the mold with a tablespoon. Serve with freshly chopped parsley and a pinch of onion confit.

Advertising: Recipe for Hearty French Toast Muffins with REWE Fine World Products | Easter Brunch | moeyskitchen.com

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This article was created in friendly cooperation with REWE and the REWE Fine World Products. The breakfast idea comes from me and tastes delicious. In fact, I like to buy the products myself.