Mini-Americans to Carnival (Thermomix Recipe)

Kölle alaaf! Today is Women's Carnival. So one of the most important carnival days in the Rhineland carnival ever! Or in Carnival, as you will probably say, if you do not come from the Rhineland. Anyway, it's Thursday, it's carnival and what does that mean? Sure, here's the Thermomix Thursday on Carnival & Party ! And I've brought a lightning fast party recipe for foolproof and really tasty mini-Americans !

Recipe for Carnival Mini-Americans | #tmdonnerday |

Already last year, on Weiberfastnacht, we had a jolly carnival round with great recipes from the Thermomix . With me there was the recipe for Ofen-Berliner - super delicious Berlin, which are not fried, but baked in the oven and then brushed with melted butter. Significantly less fat, but full of flavor! I can warmly thank you again this year!

This year we will make it even easier. After I had already blogged Berliners with cream filling from Batida de Côco and passion fruit juice on Monday and fried for it, my annual Frittierpensum has been used up with it. So it had to be something fast, simple, delicious and sweet that you can take with you to the office and that all tastes great. And honestly, what kids love is great for adults, right? What is here after children's birthday or carnival in the KiTa looks, I was torn from my work colleagues literally out of hand. I do not know anyone who does not like Americans and my mini were plastered immediately!

Recipe for Mini-Americans from the Thermomix at Carnival | #tmdonnerstag |

Mini-Americans as a joke carnival recipe!

The preparation of my mini-Americans is also very easy - everything is lightning fast together and must not in the oven for long. And you do not have to be an artist to decorate the Americans. I opted for the classic par excellence, a lemon icing. Chocolate glaze fits but at least as well. And if no children eat, you could also touch the powdered sugar with something higher-percentage, hicks ... And then comes the decoration: chocolate, gummy or maybe even popcorn or pretzel sticks? Blow yourself out! I opted for the confetti look and decorated my mini-Americans with small chocolate lentils - they give a nice crunchy crunch.

This time you'll find great ideas from my lovely blogger girls next to my mini-americans what own, small & fine delicacies, cooking pot and S-kitchen! I share their recipe ideas as always at the end of the post with you!Lay out two baking trays with baking paper.


Butter, Add the sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and salt to the mixing pot and whip until creamy for 3 minutes/step 4. Slide it off the side walls with a spatula.


Two Teaspoons Remove about 24 small dough pieces from the dough and place them on the prepared baking trays with sufficient space between them. Put the sheets one by one in the oven and bake the Americans for about 15 minutes each. They should stay golden yellow and not tan. Allow to cool completely on a wire rack.


Sift the icing sugar into a small mixing bowl and mix with the lemon juice. Brush the smooth side of the mini-Americans with it, sprinkle with chocolate and let the font solid.


The mini-Americans keep themselves airtight about 3-4 days fresh.

 Recipe for Thermomix Mini-Americans on Carnival | #tmdonnerday |

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