My personal review of the year 2018 - # foodblogbilanz18

Every year, I'm sitting here on my sofa at the end of December, reviewing the year on the blog. On time on the last day of the year I publish my thoughts about the past year in the Foodblogbilanz. And of course I would like to continue this tradition this year as well. This year on the same sofa in another room - in the middle of the year, we left Cologne after 8 years and moved to the "suburb". Brühl is a beautiful little castle town and I enjoy living here incredibly. As in Cologne I have everything within walking distance - and even more. From the weekly markets to the delicatessens, from the shopping center to the bakeries, from the private entrance and two fantastic terraces to the underground car park. I feel incredibly well here and have never missed life in the hip Ehrenfeld. I enjoy the car-free rest, the shorter walk to the office and the variety of cooking facilities in my great kitchen.

My Kitchen

The move cost a lot of time, money and energy, but I settled in really fast and did not have to take a long blog break. Again this year I have always tried to post regularly, mostly I have succeeded. Despite 40-hour job and driving. Basically, I had no free time and no time for hobbies. This year, I have not even read a book, which makes me look a bit sad in retrospect. It was incredibly exhausting, but my blog is also incredibly important to me. That's why I got it. But only through the support and support of my husband. He always understood when I cut off individual days off my annual leave to travel, even if that was beyond our time together. He sat in the kitchen with me and talked to me when I stood again hours at the stove. He's my biggest thank you and without him I would not be able to handle full-time job and part-time blog! Thanks for that!

I had a great blogger year with many great moments with dear friends. That's what I said last year as my wish for 2018: I want to continue to be authentic and have fun with what I do! In addition, I would like to write many more reports instead of "just" recipes and hope that I find opportunities for culinary travel. And as always, I would like to have a good time management, in order to be able to combine job, blog and leisure time well. It worked, I would say now at the end of the year. And that really makes me happy!

Provence 2018

Above all the topic of reportage and travel was the focus. I love to write culinary travelogues and have noticed even more, how I like to photograph country and people. That's what impressed me last year on my amazingly beautiful trip to Ireland, and I was delighted to be able to continue it on various occasions this year.

 Provence 2018

It started in January and I was allowed to cook and bake with my dear friends Theres and Benni von Gernekochen, Sascha and Torsten von Die Jungs Line and Tim von Hattgekocht, Cat and Uncle von Schlemmerkatze and Brauonkel and my best Zweitmann Malte spend a fantastic time in a church converted to a holiday apartment, # 10gangfüreinhalleluja and a swamp in a wine shop on the Moselle including: Food.Blog.Church 2018 and ricotta ice cream with chocolate espresso syrup and saltmeal crumble.

Food.Again we were invited by Die Jungs cook and bake and Gernekochen on the way and had a great time: A night as a damsel, visit to Villeroy & Boch and recipe for eggnog tartlets - The Food.Blog.Meet special. </P> <div id = Food. Blog. Meet 2018

Photo: Chiara Cigliutti

The next trip was already in the spring, this time we went to Munich. Again, my dear friends Schlemmerkatze and Brauonkel, bittersweet and sugary, The boys cook and bake and Gernekochen. At the invitation of Microplane we had a fantastic weekend in Munich: Munich culinary - A weekend with microplane.

With Microplane in Munich 2018

I still owe you a trip to Bilbao. You could follow my ride with the hot air balloon over the grapevines in the Rioja in my stories. The visit to the Bodega Ramón Bilbao I still have to write.

Hot air balloon ride over the grapevines of the Rioja

 Hot air balloon ride over the grapevines in the Rioja 2018

In spring, an invitation from Schlemmerkatze and Brauonkel also took me to my birthplace and hometown Marburg. In the last 15 years I have not lived there, a lot has happened. And I could spend another delightful weekend with my friends: Foodblogger-Genussreise through my hometown Marburg.

The Marburg Landgrave's Castle

After our move in the summer we went to the world's best tour group Sandy of Confiture de Vivre, Tine of Trickytine and my longtime friend Simone of S-cuisine at the invitation of the French Ministry of Agriculture in Provence and Camargue. What an incredible journey and experience! And I got a whole new, fresh look at French cuisine and simple, but good, ingredients. It was simply indescribable and stunning: Culinary Travelogue Provence and Camargue.

Journey to Provence and Camargue 2018

Immediately afterwards we went to Holland, back to a Food.Blog.Haus - again with my favorite blogger friends The boys cook and bake, Gernekochen, Schlemmerkatze and Brauonkel, Andrea von Zimtkeks and apple tart, Ann-Kathrin and Christian von Die Küche is on fire, Kevin by Uncle Kethe and Dilek. Because my husband had no desire and my Zweitmann Malte was with his husband on a trip around the world (following the two necessarily on Instagram!), I was allowed to take my dear friend Bibi. Together we created the dessert: Food.Blog.House 2018 in Holland and recipe for Liege waffles with plums and apples.

Food .Blog.House in Holland 2018

Whatever I owe you is a journey through your own city. On Instagram, I've already taken you, 4 days on a culinary journey through Cologne. The whole thing I will work up in a report and write down my culinary tips for Cologne.

The restaurant maiBeck in Cologne

I also owe you another reportage.We visited different Acetaias, saw the biggest balsamic cask in the world, had a pasta course, had a personal dinner with Mr. Mazzetti and let us spoil ourselves with culinary delights in Modena, including tortellini twice a day.

Mazzetti's Largest Balsamic Barrel

 Pasta class in Modena

I've already typed over 1000 words and the official food blog review has not even started yet ...

One thing I'd like to do I still get rid of it. Although this has only indirectly to do with the blog. But I produced my first cooking videos this year. For my employer chef I was allowed to do a series of the series "Family Treasures" together with my boss Marcel. In addition to recorded cooking videos, there were also two live formats in the social media. It was so much fun and I've already had some blood licking when it comes to cooking in front of the camera. Here's one of my favorite videos of baking my grandmother's apple crumble with my mom:

Anyway, I had a wonderfully exciting year with lots of great people. And now we come to the well-known questionnaire, 2014 from Tastes to more started and collected again this year by poisonigslonde:

What was your most successful blog article in 2018?

This year As part of the DSGVO story, I also deleted my Google Analytics account and switched to a self-hosted Matomo tracking. That's why I can not say exactly the results, because I just lack some data. As in previous years, but also this year, my olles waffle recipe from the year 2015 with more than 50,000 calls the most-clicked articles in the second half of this year. A true evergreen. The most clicked post this year (at least since the measurement) is my rustic apple galette. This is partly because of the fact that the article was featured on Google. And what do we learn from this? The simple things are as always the best!

Rustic Apple Galette

Incidentally, the recipe was part of a blog event. Many other apple pie recipes can be found together with this recipe in an eBook. Nadine von Möhreneck has created so many great eBooks for you this year that you can download for free as a PDF. I've put them together here.

Download Free eBooks

Which three Your own blog article from this year meant the most to you personally?

There was a highlight right in January: Food.Blog.Church 2018, which I mentioned earlier. The event stands for so much: Escape from everyday life, spend time with friends with the same interests, cooking together and good food. It was great as always. The church is a great location, beautifully situated in Bernkastel-Wehlen on the Moselle. We were the first to try them out and were thrilled with how much taste and how much love for details was put into this object. In addition, Malte and I were at a great wine tasting at the VDP winery S.A.Prüm. A great, delicious and sociable getaway in bright sunshine!

Food.Blog.Church 2018

Also important for me was my first blog post from my new kitchen. With the apartment we have made a real stroke of luck and got a fantastic kitchen.These few days have given me such an unadulterated view of the country that I am still impressed. It has once again shown me how important good and honest ingredients are, what the production of good food actually means and what it all belongs to. I've been a huge fan of France ever since and I have to go back!

Camargue 2018

And which three from other blogs inspired you the most?

I can easily answer the question. Incredibly inspiring I found the three articles of my fellow travelers in Provence and Camargue: #FRANCEBONAPPETIT - ON CULINARY JOURNEY THROUGH THE PROVENCE of trickytine. le goût du vrai - on the road in Provence and in the Camargue of Confiture de Vivre. And CULINARY JOURNEY THROUGH SOUTHERN FRANCE - WITH THE PRODUCERS ENJOYMENT IN THE PROVENCE AND CAMARGUE EXPERIENCE S kitchen. Each of us has our own perspective and yet we have all experienced the same thing: simple, good ingredients. They do not have to be prepared in a complicated way. It's about honest products that are crafted using traditional methods. That's exactly what each of us presented to you in three subsequent contributions with exactly these ingredients. We were allowed to cook baskets of French products, and I think each one of us was influenced by this trip in terms of choice of ingredients and preparation. That's exactly what I want to continue in the following year.

France 2018

Which of the recipes you published in 2018 did you cook most often - and why?

It's hard to believe, but I did not cook much. At least not next to the recipes I make for the blog this weekend. Due to my full-time job and the driving I am often at home around 19 or 20 o'clock in the evening. And after a long day of work just too tired to cook. Often I eat something warm at noon and make dinner only in the evening. Or salad. In the summer there were more often corn cobs or grilled chicken. Of course, pasta is always fast too. What I have actually done quite often, is a fresh recipe from November: pasta with kale, bratwurst and mustard sauce. The sauce base for the pasta is a stunner and I have prepared it a few times in the evening modified. Often vegetarian, sometimes with spinach, sometimes with Swiss chard. Or sometimes with crispy ham to stuffed pasta. The mustard sauce is just incredibly versatile and now an integral part of my standard recipes.

Pasta with mustard sauce

What cooking or bloging problem was there for you in 2018? And did you solve it?

This year it was all about the GDPR and then about advertising in blogs and social media. I do not want to open a big barrel, much has already been chewed. To date, however, there is no legal certainty. As a result, I have to mark a lot of things as advertising. Like this post, for which I am not paid. But the fact that I point to collaborations and link other bloggers, this currently counts as advertising, if you want to believe some judgments to do so. Whether paid or not, whether commissioned or not - this leads to maximum uncertainty and confusion and I really hope for an improvement in the new year. Here you can find my tips for advertising on my blog.

Personally, this year my backgrounds and backgrounds bothered me at some point. They were all painted themselves, but getting old and I had seen enough and did not like my photos so much.You do not need much and I'm absolutely happy with the result!

New Backgrounds 2018

What was your biggest culinary rediscovery this year - which food, which recipe, which kitchen technology, which taste has opened up a whole new world for you?

In fact, this is my technical highlight this year my MEATEOR HELIOS top heat grill. After 8 years in an apartment without a balcony I have since this year equal 2 large terraces. One was appointed directly to the grill terrace. In addition to the purchase of a classic 3-burner gas grill just this top heat grill has moved in with me. What a device! I never thought how much fun I could sizzle at 800 ° C. Definitely a cooking technique that will continue to accompany me next year! The best steaks ever, as well as tarte flambée and pizza are an absolute force.

Steak of the Meateor Helios top heat grill

What was the best (or funniest) keyword that visitors came to your blog for?

If the one he was looking for found the one that looked for waffelteig searched? Can my recipe match that of Anke? Even body kitchen franzbrötchen is difficult to answer, sorry! a quiche like this next day - Very good, Quiche also tastes cold delicious. Or just bake them again.

What do you wish for yourself and your blog for 2019?

Also in the new year, I hope for culinary travels and face-to-face meetings with lovely foodblogger friends , But most of all, I would like to be able to reconcile my regular work with my blog in the New Year. This is incredibly important to me and will be very exhausting again. Otherwise, I would like to remain true to myself, only to enter into cooperations, which I absolutely stand for and always remain honest and authentic. Everything stays the same and everything is the same. That's what I wish for!

Food.Blog.Church 2018

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Provence 2018

I would like to thank all of you, the readers, friends and cooperation partners for a great year 2018. Come all good in the new year and see you soon again. I'm looking forward to seeing you!