Savory potato waffles with fried egg and wild garlic feta dip | Food Blogger Easter brunch

Crunchy hearty potato waffles with freshly grated potatoes for Easter breakfast. Served with fried egg and wild garlic feta dip with sour cream. A tasty recipe for brunch - not just Easter!

Foodblogger Easter Brunch 2019

Welcome to this year's Foodblogger Easter Brunch ! As in the last year, some bloggers have come together again in 2019 to give you some nice recipe ideas for the Easter days. Also on display this year are: Cuisine Violet, Palate Poetry, Möhreneck, S-Cuisine, Small Curio Shop and Jankes * Soulfood. As always, I will link you to the recipe for each of the six other recipes for each topic.

Due to time constraints, we have put together a slightly shorter program for you this year. Nevertheless, at the end of the week, you will have a total of 21 great new recipe ideas for the Easter brunch!

The Foodblogger Easter Brunch 2019 - my recipes

  • Tuesday, 9.04.2019 : Breakfast and Brunch: Savory Potato Waffles with Fried Eggs and Wild Garlic Feta Dip
  • Thursday, 11.04.2019: Lunch and Easter Roast: Braised Chicken Thighs on green spring vegetables
  • Friday, 12.04.2019: Cakes and pastries: Rhubarb and almond cake with vanilla cream
 Recipe for savory potato waffles with fried egg and wild garlic feta dip | Foodblogger Easter brunch 2019

Savory Potato Waffles

For me, the Easter brunch week starts with a hearty breakfast idea. There are hearty waffles! The dough is quite classic flour and eggs and is supplemented by buttermilk and oil. Instead of sugar, a tidy pinch of salt comes in and as a clou freshly grated, floury-boiled potatoes. As a result, the waffles get even more bite and are slightly reminiscent of rösti or potato cake. Delicious!

The potato waffles are complemented with a freshly fried fried egg for a hearty breakfast. As a spring-fresh dip I serve you a wild garlic feta spread with sour cream . The recipe for this is from the sweet Simone from the S kitchen: BÄRLAUCH SCHAFSKÄSE DIP. A super simple and incredibly delicious recipe that I have every year. The dip goes well with potato waffles and fried eggs!

For the Easter brunch, I'll give you 6 servings for this hearty breakfast. Of course, you can halve or double it as you like. Have fun trying! And take a look at the other recipes.Crumble feta roughly and place in a tall container together with the sour cream and the chopped wild garlic. Mix with the hand blender to a creamy dip (alternatively in Thermomix: 20 seconds/step 6). Cool until used.




Mix flour, baking powder and salt in a mixing bowl. Add buttermilk, sunflower oil and whisked eggs and whisk everything to a waffle dough with a hand mixer or food processor.


Grate the peeled potatoes on a grater and squeeze thoroughly in a sieve to remove excess water. Add to the batter and fold well with a spatula or a wooden spoon.


Pre-heat a Belgian waffle iron at medium temperature and, if necessary, brush with a little oil. Add the waffle dough portionwise to the iron and bake to crispy waffles in about 8 minutes. For larger quantities, the waffles can be kept warm at 80-100 degrees hot air in the oven.




To finish, melt the butter in a pan and cook the fried eggs over medium heat.


Serve hot waffles with freshly fried fried egg and wild garlic feta dip. Garnish with cress at will.

 Recipe for hearty potato waffles with fried egg and wild garlic feta dip Foodblogger's Easter brunch 2019

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