About Tel-Wink Grill


That is our greeting to all of our customers. If you’re looking for the perfect breakfast with your friends or a hearty lunch made just the way you want it, our friendly associates will make you feel just like you’re at home. So sit down, relax and enjoy your meal!

Tel-Wink, owned and operated by Dimitri and Peggy Bokos, was established in 1940 and relocated to its present location in 1962.



S C.

Cheap, cheap, cheap. Oh, and big quantities. We got here early on a Saturday morning, after seeing the other reviews and pics that told us they get packed. Arriving at 8am we got a table, but almost immediately the place filled up and a line started.The food was good, standard breakfast fare across the board but cheap so you feel you got a great deal. I don't think there was anything over with the exception of maybe a steak option. We enjoyed what we ordered, and looking around at other tables we saw a lot of food we'd likely enjoy. The staff is super friendly, like going to mom's house. Informal, sense of humor, and hustling. Despite the busy morning our drinks stayed refilled and we were checked on.


Daphne W.

Great food! Service is always good. The line is usually long but the wait is quick. The food is good and prices are low. Great place for breakfast!


Daisy G.

A lot of reviews seem to hype this place up, its good but it's standard diner food. Stood in a line around 12pm that moved rather fast. Service was fine my coffee cup was never empty which was surprising since they were very busy. Chicken fried chicken I would order again it was done well but again no special seasonings or flavor, I would pass on the waffle, French toast and the brick biscuits they were plain. It's a good diner to get a good breakfast.


Kee K.

Always good and fresh. They are on target every time I come. The food and prices are the best in town.


Jannah W.

Way better than ihop. Everything is worth the price here. You know the food is good cause it's literally always packed. In love w their big fluffy waffles and hash browns


B Dante W.

Come early and expect to wait for a seat. The pancakes are huge so order 1. The bacon is crispy and eggs were light and fluffy. With unlimited refills on oj that is the way I went. The highlight of my visit was the waitress who was friendly and extremely attentive. I wish I'd written this as soon as I left so I could remember her name, but you will see her memorabilia on the wall. I've lived in Houston my whole life and have been missing them gem the entire time.


Charles A.

On my way to The breakfast club stop by here first and man I glad I did the prices are great catfish and eggs breakfast club and man do they stack it on I'll be back !!!!!


Danil R.

Love this place, old school feel and diner is always full.  My family loves it because there is some type of breakfast for all of my picky eaters.  The chicken friend chicken is off the hook!  The portions are huge!  One plate of hashbrowns feeds my family of 5.  Dad gets meat, I get grits, kids get waffles we are all happy!  The pancakes are as big as the plates!  Everything tastes great and it's cheap! Great place for large families! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!


Julie V.

Came here for breakfast around 10am on Sunday. We must have come at the perfect time because shortly after we arrived a very long line formed waiting on tables. The menu is pretty typical of a breakfast diner. The service was great and the food came out quickly. Portions are very big and the prices were pretty cheap. For the most part, the food was average but the biscuits did stand out. Very fluffy. Like the kind of biscuits your southern grandma used to make.  Honestly, I'd come back for those alone!


Tamey W.

Please dont let my 3 star rating deter you from visiting this place. 3 stars is still a solid rating or at least in my book it is. I just really don't see what all the hype is about. There is no way I would stand in the never ending line to eat here but if I'm in the area for breakfast before it starts to form. Sure, Id given them another go. I think the hoopla is largely due to their prices which are cheap. On my inaugural visit I had the waffle which my friend advised me to order "crispy" otherwise it would come out soft, which I don't like. It was really tasty. There wasn't anything special about it it was just a good waffle. It is worth mentioning that whatever butter they drop in the middle never melted. Even when I tried to spread it. Odd!I also ordered a side a jalapeno sausage. Now this was extraordinary. It is spicy but is very well seasoned with garlic and other herbs. From what I ordered, it was the standout item.My friend had a more traditional breakfast. Eggs and grits with french toast and bacon. Nothing looked like more than I would expect. I'd wanted to try the french toast but when it came out I changed my mind. I don't like eggs and it was very eggy and they use thin sliced bread so there was way more egg than bread. But she enjoyed it so if you're into eggs you should too.Our service was overly attentive. Id barely take a few sips of coffee and someone was there to refill it. Of course, they would ask first but after about the 5th time it got annoying. Especially when I was trying to talk with my friend. There was also a man that stood near the end of the bar where the line forms. I assume he was the owner or manager but it was really creepy. He just stood there whistling and watching everyone work. Never doing anything himself. Very plantation overseer-esq. However, in the restaurants defense my friend who has been eating there for years mentioned there is very low turnover among the staff. So either they are treated well or they make a lot of money. Maybe even both!

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Trujillo F.

the good:- classic diner (this is a houston institution that's a real crowd favorite)- charming vintage decor and signage that's truly authentic (i don't believe they've change the decor since opening)- bacon and eggs breakfast (everything you'd expect from a no-nonsense diner)the not so good:- (this line item left intentionally blank)​


damon c.

After seeing all the favorable reviews I really wanted to like this place.  I ordered the chicken fried chicken and eggs which came out a little bland for me.  My wife and daughter split pancakes and waffles, and I was told they were good.  The portions and pricing for the food is great.  I'd like to come back one day to try the fried catfish.


Nohemi C.

BIG Portions! Great and fast service! It was a full house when we went but the line moved pretty fast!


Robert E.

Great tasting food! Service is pretty good for how busy the stay. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. There is a combination seating of both tables and booths.Lots of parking on Telephone.The line does tend to be long yet moves quickly due to number of tables.They do take pickup orders. That line can get long also.Now the best part is the food. Yes, it is a "greasy spoon" but the quality of the ingredients can't be beat.


Phillip B.

Excellent breakfast. Attentive waitstaff.  It's a down home popular eatery in Gulfgate. The have a lunch and dinner menu.  Had the sausage egg & cheese omelette with hashbrowns with a pancake which they call a cookie. The food here is better than Frank's Grill breakfast. Not by much but it is better in my opinion. Perhaps because the prices are cheaper than Frank's Grill for the same cuisine. A steady flow of patrons many of them repeat customers. I didn't care for the line that winds into the dining area as strangers stand over you in line waiting for an empty seat. The line gets long. You're trying to enjoy your meal and everyone in line is eyeing the food on your table. If that bothers you do not sit on the left side of the restaurant when you walk in. That's where the line winds into your eating area. Aside from that this place has been here a long time and will be here a long time still. I will be back. I just won't sit on the left side of the restaurant.


Annie S.

I been coming this place for four years, it is normally to me a four star place but today it was a bit lacking. The chicken fried chicken was missing some seasoning, and the gravy was lacking. I do love their fried catfish and Belgium waffles. The catfish is crispy, well seasoned  and the waffles have this slight crunch, sweet batter. Super delicious!


Brianna C.

This is the BEST place for breakfast, and not to pricey. Sometimes they are a bit packed but they move very fast and it's worth the wait! The customer service is amazing as well!!


Saundra W.

Parking lot is always full.  Plenty nostalgia.  Large seating space but always long lines.  Food is always plentiful.  Breakfast is awesome. Choices are good.  A Senior citizen who has had difficulty standing. Wish checkout were  updated. Thanks


Barbara D.

Great old school diner with tasty food and low prices. Lines move quickly, but get there early for quick seating. Tel-Wink beats the Breakfast Klub hands down. I miss the little jukebox selectors they used to have in the diner booths went I went there as kid. Best breakfast spot in the area.


Christopher D.

A great diner to go to. Best pancakes ever. And. Everything was fresh and made from scratch